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About Us

Esteem Services had its humble beginning in 1999 at Thrissur, Kerala. Today, we are recognized by the worldwide Ayurveda community for innovative yet cost effective Ayurvedic Therapy equipments.

Due to our product excellence, we are currently the leading manufacturer of the complete range of Ayurvedic Therapy equipments. With the help of a panel of expert Ayurvedic physicians and our R&D team, we have designed many equipments and accessories to modernize Ayurveda Therapy while retaining the traditional principles.

Our product specifications are used by many premier govt. institutions in their purchase tenders owing to accurate and detailed product descriptions.

Why Choose Us

One Source Manufacturer

Our complete range of Ayurvedic (Panchakarma) therapy equipments , medicines , oils etc. ensure all your therapy needs are met at one place.

Superior Quality Control

Majority of our products (including electronic control cards in automatic therapy machines) are designed & made in- house in our 4 factories to ensure complete control over the quality.

Innovative Products

Our innovations such as Automatic Sarvangadhara / Pizhichil Yanthra , Automatic Shirodhara Yanthra, Disposable Vasti yanthra are unique Patent-pending products.

Durability Factor

Compared to other competing products, our equipments are designed to last a life-time. We use best quality components in our products to ensure minimal maintenance costs.

Modern Technology

Our Wood Factory uses a CNC machine to carve Dharapathi / Dhroni which ensures durability, avoiding stressful impacts on wood by chisel / hammer.

Authentic Processing

All ayurvedic medicinal preparations are made in-house in a GMP certified factory, employing traditional processing techniques, by our associates.

Customer satisfaction

We are Top-rated in Google reviews and among the Ayurvedic Practioners' community.


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